Gus for Mayor?

Gus has always been incredibly outgoing and confident but lately he’s gotten even more so. I have a sneaking suspicion that he may be running for mayor of Tarzana.

Instead of just greeting people who come up to us, he stops whenever anyone even glances in his direction and waits until they come over to say hello. He’s high fiving all over the place. He’s started wearing ties.









He’s licking babies. He’s pretending to smoke cigars.


He’s even been courting the media. When we were out for a walk and Gus saw the Channel 4 truck covering the Chris Brown activity in the neighborhood, he made a beeline for it.


I hate to burst his bubble but I think it’s an honorary position. He’d actually be wonderful at promoting community spirit, appearing at parades and pageants. I’m just not sure how he’d handle the speechmaking.

20160525_091431_1472427293345_resizedELBEE Hello?? if  anyone has the charisma and leadership skills for public office, it’s me. Gus is cute but he’s a little clueless. Last night I caught him talking very seriously to Riley, not a Dood but the senior member of the pack. I don’t want to seem ageist but I think he should have been getting advice from me and Charley.


20151009_121800_resizedCHARLEY Personally, I think that Gus may not be aiming high enough. With the way the current election is going, he might as well run for president. His likeablity rating is much higher than either of the candidates. As for all of the serious stuff, he can hire people. I do have one more bit of advice for him. The self-tanning is just not working.

If I had any doubt that Gus was up to something, my daughter sent me a photo that says it all.


He’s got my granddaughter campaigning for him!!

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